Wednesday, August 20, 2008

StyleRazzi NewMusic

New Music: DJ Khaled ft. T-Pain and Kanye West "Go Hard"

And, if you weren yet sick of the voice thing or TI's "Still I Stand" beat, check out this joint by Nicki Minaj called "Still I Rise". Took me a minute but I'm actually feeling this joint. Yall know I gotta show love to my favorite music site HipHopMusicDotCom

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Kisha said...

I was just about to email you and tell you to check out Nicki Manaj mixtape(s) and Lil Mo lastest CD Pain and Paper....OMG these cd's rocks so hard......BUT please try to listen to Lil Mo's album from the beginning to the end it's FIREEEEEE. WHEW

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