Monday, August 25, 2008

Poor Yung Berg..... Someone Snatched His Chain

So, over the weekend, Necole Bitchie posted a story about Yung erg getting his @ss whooped and his chain snatched less than an hour after he touched down in Detroit. Berg #1 reminds me so much of my ex- high school sweetheart and #2 is such a Z-lister in my eyes that the story wasn't even worth my time posting.............. until now!!!!!

Now, I have had my fair share of run-in's with dudes from Detroit. Living in Ohio with Detroit only 3 hours away, Detroit boys would come down to the city to "make money". I learned early on that these men had no damn sense. I remember one time a dude from Detroit hit one of my homegirl's friends over the head with a bottle in the club over something real simple. I also had more than a few fights with my ex, who was also from "The D".

Update: Shoutout to whoever blurred dude's face!!!! I decided to go ahead and also post the updated photo just because I don't care about Yung Berg that much to let the other photo stay up on my site. Berg has just always seemed so fabricated to me and, since I do have some love for Detroit, I will do my part in helping to conceal dude's identity.

So, why am I not surprised that Necole has now posted a photo of some fool posing with Yung Berg's stolen chain?!?!?!! He could've at least out a bag on or a ski mask over his face, right? WRONG- he is from Detroit and they just don't give a F#ck!!!!!! Don't get me wrong. I have met some wonderful folks from Detroit. "D-Boys" definitely don't stunt and will cake you up in a minute. (Thinking to self..... Do they still play the Cheddar Boys up there?!?!?") Anyway, enjoy the photo. and isn't ironic that a "dark butt" is the one posing with the chain? I guess Yung Berg will REALLY HATE all "dark butts" nows!!!!! LOL!!!
Now, how mad do you think these dudes will be when they attempt to pawn the chain and find out that the diamonds are "fu-ga-zee" (however you spell that mess!!!!!!)

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Kisha said...

I guess Yung Berg will REALLY HATE all "dark butts" nows!!!!! LOL!!!

OMG...YES!!!! U crazy girl1!!! LMFAO

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