Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rashan Ali Presents: Female Fumble

For all of my metro Atlanta ladies: Win tickets to come out and attend HOT 107.9's morning show leading lady, Rashan Ali, teach women the fundamentals of football so you can finally understand and enjoy the game. To win, tune in Monday- Friday from 6am - 10am or visit
Media Contact: The Garner Circle PR

Ladies, I think we ALL could use a class like this. I also need a class to teach me how to play Madden (because when men over 25 stand in line before midnight to ne the FIRST to pay $60 plus dollars for a damn video game, I need to find out the secret!!!). I also need one of these classes for basketball season as well. Shoutout to Rashan Ali for always doing things "outside of the box"!!!!! Especially her non-profit organization's girl's swin team she did a few weeks ago!!!!!

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Mika said...

Girl, I feel you on that Madden thing. My boyfriend stood in line for an hour, paid 90 dollars for the collectors edition and then came home and played til 3 AM! Its sad, it really is..

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