Monday, August 25, 2008

Phelps Wins 8 Gold, Wants To Meet Jeezy

Stylerazzi: What's the first thing you want to do after you win 8 gold medals?

Phelps: "I WANNA MEET YOUNG JEEZY!!!!!"....... (in my mind this is how the conversation would've wnet. A girl can dream can't she?)

Via AJC Blogs: First, there was a mention. Now, there just might be a meeting.

History-making Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ (top picture) has told a number of media outlets that Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy (below) is in heavy rotation in his iPod.

In fact, in a New York Times article Monday, Jeezy is cited as one of the eight influences for his record-breaking eight gold medals Phelps won in Beijing. (The Jeezy single “Go Getta” - with R&B singer R. Kelly — in particular).

“Phelps and his American rival Ryan Lochte, who is also a fan of Jeezy, greet each other by saying ‘Juh,’ in homage to the rapper, a.k.a. Jay Jenkins,” the Times’ Karen Crouse writes.

Now Jeezy tells us that Phelps’ “people” have been in touch with his “people” about the two being officially introduced.

“It would be great if I could holler at Phelps,” Jeezy said during a break from his nationwide promotional tour for his upcoming CD, “The Recession”. “And it’s a compliment that that man found inspiration in the music I do for the streets over here, over there in Beijing”.

(It would also be quite the picture seeing Phelps — pride of the red, white and blue — next to Jeezy, who’s “Recession” promotional materials include a black and white-striped flag, and T-shirts with “My President Is Black” on the front.)

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