Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Floyd Mayweather Brings Out the Thirsty Nigg@s!!!!!

Floyd Mayweather was spotted at some partyover the weekend doing his usual and making it rain!!!!!! Now, I don't know where this party was held but am I wrong to assume it was at a gay club. I mean- i see nothing but thirsty @ss niggas grabbing for the money!!!!!! I don't see ANY chicks!!!!!!!! So, in my mind, he was either at a gay spot or at a spot where thirsty men trample over the chicks just for $20!!!!!! For those who want to get some Mayweather Money tonight, he is having a retirement party at Dreamz here in Atlanta!!!!!! I hate groupie ass men so I definitely WON'T be in attendance!!!

I'm searching hard to find the weaves but I'm still coming up short!!!

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

BAY AREA!!! said...

They better make sure it is REAL!

virgovixxen said...

razzi u are so right---i cant even find a chick in there---that says a lot---

Kisha said...

OMG....look at the dudes!!!!!

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