Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DMX to Judge: "I ain't going back to no f---ing jail"

The homie Blogxilla sent over a link about DMX cursing at a judge today!!!! DMX is really off the chain. Funny thing is I remember meeting DMX years ago during the Hard Knock Life Tour and he was (at that time) the coolest celeb I had ever met in life!!!!! Anyway, to see the video of DMX in court CLICK HERE.

Via Local10.com: Rapper DMX dropped the F-bomb during an extradition hearing in a Miami-Dade County courtroom Tuesday morning after learning he would spend another month in jail.

"I ain't going back to no f---ing jail" said DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons.

"Oh, well that just ingratiated you to me," said Judge Lawrence Schwartz.

"I've never heard the F-word before, so it's OK."

The judge then warned Simmons' lawyer that the rapper had better not curse in his courtroom again

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