Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Was Officer Ross When We Needed Him?!?!?!?

Soulja Boy's 18th birthday went down at a major mansion in Atlanta last night. MTV camera's were in the building for filming of Soulja Boy's version of Sweet 16 called "Swagga 18".!!!! Personally, if you were over the age of 22 and didn't have a legimate reason to be in the building (radio personalities, party coordinators, reps with Soulja Boy's label, family, etc....) what was your purpose?!?!? I know of a few grown ass folks with absolutely no legimate business about themselves that were in the building and didn't bring any tweens as their cover!!!!!!
Anyway, Necole B has the scoop on the catfight between Princess and Diamond of Crime Mobb!!!!! Another one of those wack ass filet mignon beefs. I can remember having real beef with a chick a few years back and I can tell you it wasn't any looking at each other talking ish when we came face to face. It was TOS= Terminate on Sight!!!! I saw the chick leaving out a McDonald's parking lot across the street from my house and I stopped my car immediately and jumped out. When you have REAL BEEF with a bish, there isn't any time for words. There is barely anytime to think about who, what , when, where, and why. All you see is "the target"........

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