Friday, June 20, 2008

"White" In Time for Summer

Is white polish the new french manicure?!?!?! Some of our favorite fashionistas have been spotted recently rocking the all white pedi's and I think the look is clean and fabulous. We've seen Rihanna try to start new nail polish trends. First with the bright neon colors (FAILED) and then with the dark-black, gothic polish (worked for a hot second). I actually think this new polish will stick through the summer. So, head to your favorite nail shop and request the all-white pedicure!!!!! Oh, yeah, for my shoenistas. According to U My Sis, solange is rocking the Miu Miu Dragonfly Sandals. (photo sources:

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Anonymous said...

i might be wrong here, but monica arnold started the all black polish trend. when she first came out with "miss thang". 1995. that we the first time i ever saw someone with black polish. i am trying to go through youtube or find some promo shots from that time to back me up. but i remember b/c i was a senior in high school that year and we all went and got acrylics for the first time....with black polish.

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