Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's BEEF?

Other than the dumbest thing in the industry, beef is a new tool for publicity. In the past month, we have witnessed "beef" aka "filet mignon" between TI and Shawty Lo, Ice-T and Soulja Boy, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown, Plies and Rick Ross, and most recently Shaq lashing out at Kobe!!!! Let's take a look deeper into this "so-called" beef.
TI and Shawty Lo shared the same stage at the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash a couple weekends ago and there was no incident. We know TI is under strict terms due to his gun charges and terms of his release/ probation but, if I had REAL beef with someone, there would've been some ish going down!!!! Even if the flunkies had to get it in!!!! Next up is Ice-T and Soulja Boy..... moving right along because that's how relevant their whole beef is. It's been reported that Plies and Rick Ross are beefing but I just saw Rick Ross perform on 106 & Park last night and he gave a shout-out to Plies!!!!!! Guess that beef is either squashed or it never existed anyway!!!!! Shaq beefing with Kobe while neither one of them won a ring this year?!??!?!?! *DEAD* And Ne-Yo and Chris Brown? WTF?!?!? They will BOTH be at the BET Awards tonight and I bet neither one says anything to the other one. True B*TCHASSNESS at it's finest!!!

Show me some real beef and I'll show you 2 dead niggas named Biggie and 2 Pac and a hip-hop industry that hasn't been the same since these two have passed. So, in closing, beef is so wack and if we keep being the maggots that are feeding on this beef, all that we are going to create are flies that eat off this bullish!!!!! :-)

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Anonymous said...

A-freeking-men! Will the REALLLLL men please stand up?!

Nykya said...

...I'm not sure what the hell they REALLY have to be beefin about. Your Fluccin Rich! You that mad, need something to do? Lemme give you my electric, rent, etc. and you can get MAD figurin how to pay that with MY MONEY and still shop like I wanna. :0)

...Beef is meant to be seasoned, cooked up, and consumed. All ya'll rich, semi-rich, kinda rich so and so's need to sit ya'll asses down!

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