Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What A Difference A Year (and a little help from KG) Makes!!!!!!

(@ JustMe...Now Kobe is the SECOND picture!!!! LMAO!!!! )

Last year, the Boston Celtics had one of the worst records of the 2007 NBA season. Last night, they beat Kobe and the Lakers by over 40 points to win the 2008 NBA Championship!!!!!!!!! Congrats to all of my folks in Boston, especially Angella over at Reppin Beantown!!!!!!
Here are a few photos of the Celtics celebrating last night via Kevin Garnett is so fine and I was tearing up too when he was getting interviewed and couldn't control his emotions. It was also great to see him show so much love to NBA great Bill Russell, with whom he has developed a close friendship with during this season!!!!!!! And Eddie House......... FINE FINE FINE!!!!!!!! 3 words for the Lakers= YOU SUCK AGAIN!!!!!!!

Congrats again to the 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics and their coach Doc Rivers. Black coach wins the championship.... next stop, black man wins the presidency!!!!!

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

JustMe said...

great post, i just wish that everyones 1st picture about the CELTICS chamnpionship wouldnt be of crybaby kobe.

Meli said...

I was sooo happy for KG!!!!! As he said "I'm certified now; what can they say now; i'm certified. I guess that was to all the haters. But on another note does everyone on the Celtics team have white/ hispanic wives ???? I'm not hating on my sister of another color but i have never seen so many biracial babies in one setting all the way up to Doc.

Razzi said...

@ Meli,...... girl i was watching thinking the same damn thing!!!! all those curly hair, light eyed babies on the court. Like you said, from the coach's son all the way down through the roster. But girl, did you see d wade during the halftime?!?!? WHEW!!!!!!!

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