Monday, June 23, 2008

V-103 Car & Bike Show- Keyshia Acting Anti-Social PLUS F.S.F. Comes To Atlanta

V-103 held it's annual Car and Bike Show this weekend and, from what I heard, it was going DOWN!!!! Performances by Ray J, Trey Songz, Big Kuntry, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Ace Hood, Rocko, Sean Garrett, Day 26, etc... Damn, look at Rick Ross rock that lavender lookinglike a big old Easter Egg ready for me to eat!!!!! WHEW!!!!!!!!! WIPE ME DOWN!!!!!

Word is the Trey Songz was feelin himself a bit too much and was a bit stand-off-ish (when it came to interacting with the fans).

Also, it's being reported (according to V-103's Miss Sophia who is below pictured with Dorian) that Keyshia Cole acted like she didn't want to be there. She signed autographs but kept her little dog on the table the whole time and never removed her stunna shades!!!!! I guess being nice to your fans can only last so long before you revert back to your old self, huh Keysh?!?!?! And didn't we tell yall a LONG TIME AGO that she got her TEEF fixed?!?!?! I guess everyone else is just now starting to take notice!!!

All and all, it looked like a great time. Why didn't I go, you ask??? Some days, I just don't feel like dealing with "US", you feel me :-) I try to avoid events that are on the Marta bus line route where tickets only cost $10!!!!! :-) For more exclusive photos, head on over to SOHH, which is where I snatched these from!!!!

We're just going to take a few seconds to focus on the FINENESS that is DJ Holiday!!!! That man has the sexiest shape and color eyes in the south!!!!!

I will let yall know this coming Saturday, I will be attending the last stop of the Female Success Factor to show support to fellow blog homie Necole Bitchie. Here she is pictured above with Chilli during the Female Success Factor New York Seminar. I've heard nothing but great things about this event. If you are going to be in the Atlanta area and would like to attend CLICK HERE to register!!! Do ya thing, girl!!!! If WE don't support US, how do we expect anyone else to!!!!! I encourage all Atlanta bloggers and blog readers to attend.

4 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

virgovixxen said...

girl, you are crazy. it does seem like was a nice event- Dorian is milking college hill for all its worth- he was just at 107.9's birthday bash- no hate

Razzi said...

I thought Ashley R would be the publicity whore but leave it up to the quiet one in the house to whore it out!!!! I can't even hate though. Dorian realizes he has to do for himself what BET won't do!!!

virgovixxen said...

everytime I see Necole Bitchie---she looks different---

Razzi said...

It may be the hair. NEcole usually always wears her hair different so that changes her look. Personally, I love the blonde. Just in time for summer

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