Monday, June 16, 2008

Tasia, Tasia, Tasia.................. I spotted these over at C&D and I really have no words.

I blame the other chick holding Zion's hand. SHE should've told Fantasia's ass that she came outh the house looking like a young version of Frankie (aka Key Key's mama), which isn't not a good look! TYRA MAIL!!!!!!
Fanny STAYS representing for her fellow Carolina chicks with those kitchen @ss hairs-do's!!!!!! Remember THEM?
And, is that a fan-swoop coming around from the back?!?!?!?! DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!

On the positive side, I am feeling her handbag though :-) And Zion is learning how to rock her mama's pose!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little late. But I have one comment. I'm from NC, I actually go to school 20 minutes away from where Fantasia grew up at, and NO ONE but Fantasia and her country ass cousins wear those country ass kitchen ass hairdo's. I'm sorry but she is a straight up embarassment to NC. Everytime I see her I be like DAMN, hoodrich!

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