Wednesday, June 18, 2008

StyleRazzi Funeral Edition #4- Megan Good

Shout out to the homie Kisha Parks for being a true fashionista. She sent over victim #4 for our Funeral Edition- Megan Goode. 2 funerals in 1 week?!?!?!! I need our ladies to do much, much better!!!!!!!! Megan Goode has been spotted 3 times in less than a few weeks rocking her YSL Tribute Canvas Leopard Pumps. The pumps can be found at Bergdorf Goodman for $675, if you would like to rock them!!! Just do me a favor and wear them with some outfits that they MATCH WITH!!!!!!

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Nykya said...

...LOL! I aint been to a good funeral in a minute. Messin around with you and the funeral u gave Trina and her hi-waisted pants is how I found yo blog in the first place. I tips my tropicana cup to her shoes, in hopes of ONE DAY bein able to afford them.

bombchell said...

(sigh) i think many of yall have lost it.

so if i buy some cute shoes, I'm only allowed to wear it once?? give me a break.

If she wears it once this month, and once the next 4 months, people will prob come up with some crap about "so... out of season"

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