Thursday, June 19, 2008

StyleRazzi Cremation: Megan Good & Rihanna's Bad @SS Boots

Now, yesterday we had a funeral for Megan Good and her YSL Leopard Print Tribute Pumps but there comes a time where a simple funeral just isn't enough. See, when you bury someone, there is always the possibility they wil rise from the dead. But, when you CREMATE a bish- there is no coming back. Ashes to ashes- dust to dust!!!!!! Just when Megan retires her MAgic City/ Strokers attire, she goes and f*cks up her sophisticated look by wearing these same damn shoes with EVERYTHING!!!!!! I blame THOMAS JONES

On the flipside, let's check out a sista who knows how to PUT ON!!!!! Rihanna was on 106 & Park yesterday to promote the re-release of her cd. I was so focused on these damn boots that I don't even know what she talked about on the show. Just sit and let these bad boys marinate...... YES THEY ARE THAT SERIOUS!!!!

Trust and BELIEVE that if I had those boots, yall woul have to bury and cremate MY ASS!!!! I would rock those bishes in the bed, the shower, at the gym, to work, the grocery store, etc...!!!! LOL!!!!! Now excuse me while I stalk the internet to find out who makes these and how much they cost, so I can dream about buying them!!!!!! How much yall wanna bet we se Beyonce in the same boots next?!?!

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

virgovixxen said...

those boots are so serious!! how did she even put thise bad boys on--like for real....

Indigo69 said...

I hear you. I lve Megan's shoes but is time for a new pair.

Now Rihanna's boots? Lawd Have Mercy...I am in heaven. I have muscular calves so wouldn't real fit but OMG..I would love to have these with a 3/4 skirt and a banging top! I see the outfit already!

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