Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So, Rick Ross and Plies must've both found out about my secret fatboy vs. slim goody love for both of them because now they are beefing!!!!!
How I would love for that to be the REAL reason!!! Anyway, while cruising the net, I stumbled upon some new beef brewing. Supposedly, while Pies was shutting down the Birthday Bash stage here in Atlanta, Rick Ross was performing over in Oslo, Norway callin Plies a BISH!!! Here's the story I saw on the boxden forums:
Over the weekend. Rick Ross aka "The Boss" visited Oslo, Norway for a concert. After Ross performed "The Boss," he called out Plies! Specifically, I am being told that he called him the B-word aka a female dog! On top of that, Ross apparently stated that he’s already "done smacked the s**t outta him" a couple years ago and Plies should thank Trick Daddy and Ross for his career. Where is this coming from? I know Trick Daddy recently lashed out on Plies for what, is still don’t know. Anyway, after he dissed Plies. Ross spit a freestyle over the "I'm so hood" beat. Once again, it’s on!
Say it ain't so!!!!!! ....................

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

virgovixxen said...

as a t.i. fan I had always heard big kuntry but this is my first time being able to see him like see him for real- and he kinda cute--

virgovixxen said...

so wrong post

Meli said...

Yeah Trick Daddy called Plies out for not showing up to the video shoot the just had abut 2weeks ago i saw it on SOHH.com and Trick dadday said plies.

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