Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scott Storch is Wanted; Lashonda is BACK!!!!!

Via The E-Biz: Hip-hop producer Scott Storch is wanted by Miami police for missing a child support court date, according to reports on Wednesday. A Miami-Dade County judge has issued an arrest warrant for Storch on Wednesday after he failed to show for a recent child support court hearing.

Storch is currently being sued by his ex-girlfriend Dalene Daniel for late child support payments for their son Jalen, 2. Storch and Daniel were due to appear at a court in Miami-Dade earlier this month, but Storch did not show up. Storch was also issued with a paternity suit as Vanessa Bellido claims Storch is the "natural father" of her 16-year-old son Steven Brandon Bellido. She alleges Storch accepted he was his son and sent money voluntarily to help them cope.

Ummmm and yeah LaShonda (of The E-Biz). Your @ss has been MIA for a little while!!!!! I was about to put out an APB on these blog streets to locate you!!!! Glad to see you back up and running homie :-)

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