Friday, June 27, 2008

Russell Tells His Side

Despite rampant rumors regarding the divorce between Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons, things are actually reported to be "just fine" between the 2 ex's. Russell Simmons has finally spoken out on his site The Global Grind regarding everything that has been reported in the news. Check out what he has to say by CLICKING HERE.

The way he explains everything, it makes perfect sense- to me. Some old school rappers/ music execs do not roll with a large entourage and/or a big security team and Russell is one of these people. Kimora, however, rolls with security and a nanny for the children. Me, being a mother myself, I definitely understand Kimora wanting to protect her children. People in this world are SICK!!!! And, if yall have ever watched "Life in the Fab Lane", that little Aoki requires so much attention that someone could snatch lil Ming Lee in the blink of an eye. Aoki made ME tired just watching her on the show!!!!

The only thing I do not understand is the child support agreement. I believe that both parents are well off enough that they should be able to provide for the girls without an arangement being needed. But I also look at Kimora and Russell's lives. Their entire relationship has always been more of a business arrangement so having a child-support "contract", so to speak, seems perfectly logical. ANyway, make sure you read it for yourself. Things are always so much better when they come straight from the horses mouth!!!

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virgovixxen said...

I read the agreement and it is crazy!!! 40k---and I thought she was better off than him-money wise. I love Aoki, she is a trip (no diss Ming) but I watch Fab Lane and I love it

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