Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now One Hit Wonders Are Fighting!!!!

This is why you can't invite children to an awards so. The BET Awards are here yall and already a fight has broken out amongst the children!!!! Read more via The Urban Blogger:

Atlanta based rap artist Dolla (The Gang Ent./Konvict Muzik/Jive) "Knocks Out" rapper 2 Pistols at the Shrine Auditorium during the Media Day Event at the BET Awards '08. 2 Pistols was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital. The physical altercation occurred on Monday, June 23, 2008 after Dolla heard 2 Pistols making a public statement to the media that Dolla has no street credibility and isn't really a rap artist from the streets. Dolla had no issues to prove he is from the street. Dolla confronted 2 Pistols at the event about his public statements and knocked out the rap artist with a single jab.
( ~supposedly released by Dolla's people)

Now, what type of ghetto ass publicist sends out a press release PUBLICIZING a fight?!?!?! Alledgedly, word got out about the fight from Dolla's publicist releasing the above statement!!! And he wonder's WHY he only has one song? Word in Cincinnati is that when Dolla performed at the Ritz nightclub a few weeks back, he almost got boo'd off the stage beacsue the crowd was really wondering "Who The F Is THAT?!?!?" Pint-size beef, awwww isn't it cute :-)

UPDATE via Drew Reports: 2 Pistols tells a very different story. He claims the argument was over his hit single, "She Got It" featuring T-Pain, which Dolla allegedly felt was supposed to go to him first. The Florida rapper claims the argument ended, he walked away, and then was sucker-punched. When he tried to strike back (grabbing a chair in the process), he says cops grabbed him, and Dolla and his entourage fled in the vehicles.......... Now how are these 2 going to fight over a song that was NEITHER one of theirs to begin with?!?!? Sources in the industry tell me the song was originally a T-Pain song that got revamped when they added someone new and WALLAH!!!!! T-Pain alledgedly makes alot of song hooks and whoever the highest bidder is gets the track with the hook., but I ain't one to gossip so yall ain't hear that from me......

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You know I LOVE YOUR TITLES TO ALL YOUR STORYS!!!!!! I be over here cracking up.

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