Thursday, June 26, 2008

MAN DOWN!!!!!: Frankie Writing A Book

Keyshia Cole's mother Frankie is a special in-studio guest in the Porsche Foxx Show on V-103 in Atlanta. Porsche dropped the BOMB when she revealed that Mama Frankie is writing a book called "2 Sides To Every Story"!!!! TYRA MAIL!!!!! I officially can't wait for this!!!! Now, yall know Frankie can get confusing sometimes. She and Porsche began to talk about FRANKIE's OWN REALITY SHOW but I don't know if she is referring to Season 3 of Keyshia Cole's reality show or if she is actually getting her own show. Either way, I will be tuned right in for all of the action. Mama Frankie made the show and if cameras are going to be following her around for her OWN SHOW , I'm going to be all in!! . Frankie also revealed she is dating a 23 year old man!!!! HOLLA!!!! I'm listening live now so I will keep you all updated on the details as they come out!!!!

5 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

MsPuff said...

1st! I know that's right Frankie, if Stella can get her groove back so can Frankie, & the 23 year old might be happy cause Frankie don't have no teef...move ova Supa-Head!

Twana Tells said...

You're crazy mspuff about Frankie not having no teeth. I was listening to that interview today I missed the first half. But I love Frankie she so real Holla Man Down Man Down

Necole Bitchie said...

she can't read a teleprompter let alone read a book..

i kid i kid

frankie is fabulous

Rae of Stuff Fly people Like said...

She's So Ignant...But Why am I secretly a fan? LMAO

Lil' Creole Pimp said...


Don't act like Frankie won't tear this bad boy up on you. She'll be up in this comment section flipping tables and shit.


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