Friday, June 20, 2008

Lil Wayne: "A Great Candidate For Bankruptcy"

Via WDKX: A California business man, seeking compensation for work done to Lil Wayne's 1999 Bentley Arnage, officially filed a new lawsuit against Lil Wayne last Tuesday- the same day Tha Carter III was released.

Le Marck de Andre and his Silicon Valley law firm are seeking $123,800 plus an additional $200 per day from Lil Wayne, Cash Money Records and Young Money Entertainment for failure to settle the debt.
"My direct observation and experience with Dwayne M. Carter's financial and personal irresponsibility over the years has taught and demonstrated to me that he has become the new symbol of financial illiteracy and slavery in the 21st century," an incensed de Andre told in a statement.The remarks are de Andre's first public statement about his ongoing battle with Lil Wayne.
According to de Andre, he was contracted by Lil' Wayne around October 2005 to customize said Bentley. However, since Wayne failed to provide the initial $78,507 for ten months, de Andre decided to terminate the contract and take legal action. An attorney for de Andre, Dan R. Price, filed an initial breach of contract suit in December 2007, alleging that an outstanding balance of $91, 000 remained to be paid for the Bentley, which was being refurbished and repaired.Lil Wane was served with the legal documents in January.
"For a little over 5 years, I have been involved with the consistent and perpetual business behavioral illustrations of Dwayne M. Carter's high-level of financial illiteracy, lack of liquidity, leveraged acquisition liability accumulation and below zero net-worth; as well as lack of business communication, character, and integrity - all learned behaviors - and the primary reasons for non-payment," de Andre fumed. "My prognostication is unless and until [he] transforms his personal, business, and financial attitude and adopts new behaviors, these unfortunate behavioral components will equate to future lawsuits, defaults, repossessions, foreclosures, and the making of a great candidate for bankruptcy."

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