Friday, June 6, 2008

Khia Is At It AGAIN!!!!!

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Khia was in the studio today with V-103's Porsche Foxx and she was up to her same ol ish- BEEFIN WITH RADIO PERSONALITIES!!!! The video should be uploaded HERE soon but, until then, enjoy the awful fashion that Khia decided to rock today!!!! I can read and enjoy her blogs- it's just the visual that F's me up everytime!!!! Khia, honey, if nothing else- PLEASE INVEST IN A STYLIST!!!

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Kisha said...

Razzi, who is she beefing with now?

Razzi said...

with a radio dj here in atlanta named porsche foxx. she just does ish to get attention!!!! she is like a car accident- you hate to look but still you watch in awe!!!! :-)

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