Thursday, June 26, 2008

John McCain Is Computer ILLERATE!!!!

Click the above photo to view the recent story about presidential candidate John McCain. McCain himself, and his advisors, all admit to him being computer illerate and just simply being "aware of the internet".
Now, how is a man running for President in the 21st Century not able to work something as simple as a computer? But he wants to run an entire country that right now is in one of it's poorest conditions of our lifetimes?!?!?! Our entire lives are pretty much run by computers, pda's, and the internet but McCain won't even take the time to take a simple class to learn how to work a laptop or blackberry?!?!?! Everyone PLEASE register to vote and then MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!!!!! We have the chance right now to determine our destiny for the next 4 years and beyond. MAKE IT COUNT!!!

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