Friday, June 20, 2008

How Did I Miss This?!?! The Harvey Klan

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Comedian-Actor-Radio Host Steve Harvey with(From left) Jason,16,Lori,11,twins Brandi and Karli,25,Steve 17,Wynton,10,and Morgan,21. (photo source)

3 of the kids are his wife Marjorie's and 4 are Steve's. Can you figure out which children belong to which parent?!?!? Steve Harvey has some STRONG genes!!!!! STRONG! Can you imagine being a guy and dating one of the twins and being "in the sack" with them and the light hits her facee from a certain angle and.......... I'm just going to stop while I'm ahead.

4 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

womanlyanomaly said...

The 4 on the outside are his..the twins and the boy named Steve are Marjorie's. That woman got some ugly azz kids.

virgovixxen said...

not thats bnot right...the twins and wynton and steve are his---his wifes are girl on the end-21 year old and then other two on the opposite end-his all but the older girls stay with them- I agree he has strong genes-snd thats it for me too

Yanaja said...

These are his children:

1. Brandi (twin)
2. Karli (twin)
3. Morgan, 21 (looks like a feminine version fo the twins)
4. Wynton (he's got Steve's smile, dimples and all)

Yanaja said...

Actually, upon further examination of the photo I think his kids are

1. Morgan
2. Wynton
3. Lori
4. Jason

Final answer...
Who's right razzi???

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