Monday, June 16, 2008

Hot 107.9's BIRTHDAY BASH 13!!!!!!

This weekend in Atlanta was all about Hot 107.9's BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!!!! Everyone performed at this weekend's event including Young Jeezy, Trina, Rocko, Plies, TI, Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane, The Game and others. Jeezy brought out 2 suprise performers USHER & KANYE WEST!!!!! Here are a few photos from the event.

Yall know an Atlanta event would be right if the College Hill cast members aren't there. Dorian and Shavon did their corresponding duties backstage and interviewed all of the celebs.

They even interviewed fellow College Hill cast members Dru and Anthony.

TI, TI, TI!!!!!! Crackhead skinny IS NOT the business!!!!!! Can we get a little bit of meat on them bones?!?!?! Seeing Plies, Jeezy, The Game, & Rick Ross with their shirts during TI's absence just makes his look less attractive than what it used to be. That smile STILL gets me everytime though :-)

Shoutout to Trina for being the only female performer this year (worth talking about). Lady MC's need to step their game up!!!!! I wonder why Keyshia Cole wasn't there? Lil Mama even? They need to do better to represent for the ladies next year!!!! Since she held it down, I'm not going to talk about her "ghostly pale looking" appearance!!!

I told my friend the other day that The Game is the West Coast version of Jim Jones!!!! Doesn't he look like he stinks?!?!? His eyes are beautiful and he's a handsome man but, like my friend said, he looks like he is full of STD's!!!!

Our cries have been heard!!!! Looks to me like Diamond has hired herself a stylist and a real hairdresser!!! She looks (dare I say it?!?!) pretty.

Her boyfriend Scrappy was backstage. His fro-hawk has a "mean lean" going on!!!! His barber must be crossed eyed.........

For more coverage, check out HOT 107.9's website with video from the show and many more photos than what I've already snagged from them!!!! Drew Reports has a bunch of high-quality photos and Necole Bitchie has the skinny on what Shawty Lo thinks of himself and TI's very explicit response!!!!

4 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

ambrosiality said...

so... is dorian straight or not.

Razzi said...

a "source" of mine tells me no. But that source has lied in the past so I can't say yey or nay on that. I think he is bi-sexual, like most of the men here!!!! LMAO!!!

Kisha said...

Diamond do look pretty. That look like that was a good show to be at. Alot of heavy hitters.

Razzi said...

I heard from a fellow blogger the show started at 6pm and TI hadn't even hit the stage by midnight!!! A 6 hour concert- NO MAM!!!!

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