Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hope Kanye Doesn't Have a Blog Blackout Again!!!!

Via Drew Reports: Rapper KANYE WEST has been ordered to pay over $600,000 to settle the mortgage on his late mother’s home.Dr Donda West died in November (07) from complications following a cosmetic surgery procedure, and the Stronger hitmaker has since been handed control of her estate.

But now West, who inherited $250,000 of assets from his mother, has also been handed a court order asking him to pay off her debts - which have been incurred by delayed payments on the late 58-year-old’s Illinois condo.West will have to settle the unpaid fees as well as interest payments, which have been mounting since his mother’s sudden death.

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virgovixxen said...

that the thing about when a family member die--you have to take care of their business...its great he inherited anything 250k is wonderful- well atl least to us common folk- I wonder if he made a difference to Ye

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