Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Get Buck Some Kleenex

So the internet has been GOING NUTS this morning with the phone call that 50 taped of Young Buck crying. Miss Info broke the story last night and everyone is talking about this conversation!!! Do I think 50 s wrong for what he did- HELL YEAH. But on the flipside, BUck has been dissing 50 and G-Unit every chance he gets. Karma is a BISH!!!!
Click the liks below to hear the audio or, for those of you who work for companies that block YouTube and Zshare, head over to Bossip to hear the audio.
Hopefully, 50 Cent recorded the convo while he was located in a state that only requires one party consent for recording telephone conversations without the other person's knowledge!!!!!...... A bish DID study journalism folks!!!!! :-) The second audio is the one where Buck is sniffling and crying and ish!!!!!!! He just lost ALL OF HIS SWAG to me!!!! a grown man crying to another grown man?!?! NAH BRUH!!!! Not this situation!!!!

Buck Crying Part 1 (audio)

Buck Crying Part 2 (audio)

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ms.kimba412 said...

Team Buck!!!!!!

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