Monday, June 16, 2008

Get Ashanti's Favorite Shoes!!!

Shoutout to loyal blog reader Kisha out in the future city of our first black president aka Washington, D.C.!!!!! Anyway, in the comments section Kisha pointed out that Ashanti's shoes can be found at Nine West!!!! I'm sure Ashanti is rocking the Gucci version of these pumps but hey who knows!!!!! If you don't want to spend your whole paycheck on these fly shoes, head over to Nine West or Zappos to score your pair of these "Olavera" pumps from $69.99-$99.99

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Anonymous said...

Yeah Ashanti is rocking the Gucci can tell they are shiner. But for someone like me that is living in the real world. Nine West will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

I meant shinier.

Kisha said...

I agree Anonymous Nine West will do just find..

Kisha said...

Thanks's always love!

Whitney said...

Those shoes are fab! Thanks for the tip Kisha! Since you ladies know a thing or two (or three or four... haha) when it comes to fashion, I have to ask if you've heard about If Looks Could Kill. These thrilling new webisodes from Toyota, who I work for, are something I think you could be into. They follow an aspiring fashion designer named Bianca who finds herself involved in international espionage by night. If you're familiar with the BMW shorts from a couple of years ago (Guy Ritchie, Madonna), these webisodes definitely have a similar production level.


Interactive: Toyota has gone one step further, the viewer can interact with Bianca to help her unravel the mystery that has suddenly become her life. I really enjoy the multiple levels; it adds a dimension of reality to the story and builds a unique relationship between the main character and viewer. Tons of prizes like the the iPod Nano, and Visa and Nordstrom gift cards will be given away each week too - you can even win a Toyota Camry!

Events: We just had our official launch party last week in NYC— with a special performance by Keyshia Cole, and appearances made by Alexis Phifer, Rosci, Avant, Eric Benet, and Mashonda! Also - for those of you around Washington D.C., Lettie Gooch boutique is holding a special event on 6/19!

I'd really love your take on the first episode—Haute Pursuit—and discuss more as the other episodes roll-out. Myself, I'm still trying to figure out who the bad guy is—the ex, the boyfriend, the boss? Or maybe it's Nana? lol

Again, would love your take because bloggers like yourself definitely have a good eye about what's cool, hot and current. I would have contacted you via email but I didn't know which the best way to reach you was. I hope I didn't overstep my bounds by directly contacting you.

Don't be shy! :)

Whitney Maiers
ILCK Ambassador

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