Friday, June 27, 2008

First Comes The Fame- Then Comes The Lawsuits!!!!

Via Drew Reports: Three producers initiated legal action in a California courtroom yesterday (June 25), accusing T-Pain, SRC Records boss Steve Rifkind and others of copyright infringement. At issue is T Pain’s hit single "I’m N Luv With A Stripper," which a group songwriters claim is stolen material.

According to a complaint filed Monday (Jun 23) with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Rodney King (no relation), Jeff Byrd and James Reese are demanding a trial by jury and seeking an award for damages including any gains, profits and advantages obtained as a result of the alleged infringement.

In 1997, the three plaintiffs, who collectively have worked with the likes of Lionel Richie, Teena Marie, and 90’s group All For One, created a song titled "Makin’ Luv 2 A Player."

The lawsuit suggests that T-Pain, born Faheem Najm, then received a copy of their song, from which he drew more than inspiration for his 2005 hit featuring Mike Jones.

"The musical hook is nearly identical," attorney Gregory Bodell told sources. "It’s a little slower in my clients’ song, but it was of course recorded 8 years earlier. When I listened to it, I said, ‘That’s the same hook.’

"Given how similar the hook is musically, and the lyrics aren’t that different, from ‘Makin’ love to a playa’ to "I’m in Luv Wit a Stripper,’ it’s hard to believe that Rifkind, who had my clients’ original song, didn’t give the song to T-Pain," Bodell claimed. "It is especially likely that this happened since originally, back in ’98 when he met with Mr. King, he and his A&R staff were trying to determine which of his artists would best perform the song. It seems they found T-Pain in 2005."

The plaintiffs have requested that the court determine an amount of punitive and exemplary damages that is "sufficient to punish [the defendants] and to deter similar conduct in the future," according to the lawsuit.

So it took these folks 3 years to realize that T-Pain stole the song from them?!?!?! Or is it maybe that it took T-Pain 3 years to become one of the hottest, most requested artists in the game and these folks realized they now can actually get some money from him?!?!?! And if they wrote the song in 1997 and it took until 2005 for it to become a hit then they should be THANKING T-Pain for a job well done!!!

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