Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Damn You, Fresh!!!!!

I promise, ever since Fresh of C&D started her "Side Eye" posts, I feel like I have been the d@mn side-eye police!!!!!! Any photos I go through- whther they are of celebs or even just personal ones- I'm on the hunt for the dreaded SIDE EYE!!!! Anywho, check out this photo of Blu Cantrell and Stacey Dash rehearsingfor NBC's Celebrity Circus!!! These ladies are giving each other the "Side Eye Delux"!!!! Stacey is probably saying "How the hell did I get put on the show with her ZZZ- List Ass". While Blu is thinking "Damn, I lost all that weight and Stacey is STILL killing my shape. I hope I look that good at 40+"

3 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Nykya said...

Why does Blu's face look so hard? I'm convinced Stacy Dash is a damn alien too. I wanna kick her with a Mountain Gear Boot.

Nykya said...

....N yes im sooooo hatin on Mrs. Dash..LOL

Anonymous said...

one question...why the F*ck are they wearing those shoes with those outfits?????

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