Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big Kev and Wendy Williams Accused of Murder Plot

From NY Daily News (and seen on C&D): Shock jock Wendy Williams husband "allegedly" plotted to kill a Hot 97 rival DJ for badmouthing his wife on the air, an explosive federal lawsuit filed charges Wednesday.

Kevin Hunter, who is married to Williams, sought out a male WBLS employee for help in finding a hitman to rub out Hot 97 personality Tarsha Jones (aka Miss Jones), the lawsuit claims. Hunter "was apparently angry over some comments that Miss Jones made about his wife on the air," the lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court claims.

Williams, 43, then turned to the same employee her husband tried to enlist in a murder plot to find someone to kill him, the lawsuit alleges.

Wow Wow Wow!!!!! This whole story with Wendy and Big Kev just keeps getting more interesting. This is what Wendy SHOULD'VE made her movie about!!!! Whatever happend to her big movie anyway? This also makes me wonder what will happen with her talk show, that was slated to begin this year?!?!?! I guess she should've been a whole lot nicer to her program talent booker Nicole Spence.

See, this right here is one reason that I NEVER tell any of my female "friends" everything!!!! Trust, my friends know somethings that are embarrassing but believe me when I tell you- the ish I don't ever want anyone to know- NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW!!!!! You can't trust heffas 110%!!!!!

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virgoixxen said...

I am not so sure where that last comment about female friends came from- you needed to get that off your chest????-but I get what your saying..This whole thing is a mess. Wendy just needs to give it all a rest- and divorce Kevin-dovoce is so much better than killing him

Razzi said...

LMAO!!!! You are too funny for that. I guess I should've been more clear. I 'm sure Wendy told gal pal Nicole about the murder plot and now that she and Nicole are beefing, Nicole told!!!!! Pretty much, don't tell all of your business b/c if you and a friend fall out, they could tell things that you told them in privacy. I didn't need to get anything off my chest!! LOL!!! All my homegirls know that if I want to keep something to myself, I won't tell them!!! I have one that I do trust with all of my heart and she knows ALL MY DAMN BUSINESS (shoutout to J.M.) but she tells me alot too so we cancel each other out!!!

virgovixxen said...

gotcha girl!!! I understand

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