Friday, June 13, 2008

Big Handbags for Little Girls?

Here is a photo from Vanessa, Kobe, & the family leaving the game the other night (the one night the Lakers actually DID win)!!! Anyway, Vanessa has always been one of the prettiest wives in the NBA. She really doesn't know how to dress and I heard she has a nasty attitude but aside from all of that, she is a pretty girl.

The only thing about these photos that caught my attention is the fact that the little one is carrying a purse/ handbag almost as big as she is!!!!!! Come on now, Is this REALLY necessary? The oldest daughter has a nice handbag too and, as you can see, her and mommy decide to swap purses sometime during this little photo op. I'm all for little girls having cute little purses but if my daughter is rocking her Sunday's best, she is going to also rock a matching little silk, ruffle purse made for a little girl!!!!!! But I guess I'm dumb for expecting this type of common sense from a woman that wears a tutu on the basketball court!!!!! (photos source)

(photo source)

As an added bonus, here is Paul Pierce telling Kobe to "get that ISH outta here" during last night's amazing game. The Celtics were down by more than 20 points during the game but they came back to take it home!!!! They now lead the series 3-1. Game 5 is on Sunday!!!!!

And, as an EXTRA added bonus, here is an old photo of your boy Paul Pierce that I spotted on a site called Buckeye Planet. No matter how much money you make or how many championships you may win, you can never stray too far from THE HOODRAT!!!!!! LOL!!!!! GO CELTICS and my future baby daddy in my dreams Kevin Garnett!!!!

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Meli said...

NOOOOOOO KG is mine. LOL i think Kobe wife always looks a lil chongalicious it's a term in miami for chica's/ hispanic girls or women with too much makeup & hair Youtube the video chongalicious. She's kinda gaudy, on another note the daughters necklaces are the f-ing bomb check it out.

Yana said...

That chick (I can't remember her name for sh*t) in the picture with Paul is a popular club promoter here in NYC. I believe that pic was taken around 2003 or 2004. He was just being nice by taking the pic with her because she hooked he and his crew up nicely that night if I remember correctly. She's mad cool, but Paul likes em thick and pretty not thick and scary although, baby moms is no indication of his preference.

I don't mean to write a book, but I just thought of something. Why do guys almost NEVER ultimately end up with a chick who is their "type"? They spend so much time talking about "I like exotic looking chicks" or "I only fuck with light-skinned chicks with real hair" and they really do end up dating those types for years and years then BAM one day you meet the chick they settled down with and she's the TOTAL opposite? Crazy right?

~MsKai~ said...

Isnt the little eiffel tower a bag from SATC?

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