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Keyshia Cole's Family Reunion went down in LA last night!!!!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!! Just kidding yall but, in the word of Fresh, THE EBT AWARDS were in full effect at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles last night. I used the above photo of Angel because that should be a clear indication of exactly how relevant these awards were. I will let yall know that this post won't be too long. I'm trying to work on my tact and haterism so therefore I will only say things that I feel really need to be said!!!! For a full LIVE BLOG of the awards, check out Necole Bitchie (who I'm sure yelled BISH STOP TEXTING ME at least one time at me last night!!!! Sorry NB!! LMAO!!!) and BlogXilla, who did his live blog over at Crunktastical. Now let's begin................. Oh, yeah, I will let yall know I've snatched photos from everybody's site so, if you have an issue..... you just have an issue!!!! J/K

The awards started off AWFUL by the Usher performance. If this wasn't a clear indication that he needs to retire then I don't know what other sign he needs. It was like watching Bobby Brown, who clearly still thinks he got it. I just kept SMH the entire time. Then, I knew the awards were going to be a complete disaster when DL Hughley came out with his first lame @ss joke, and the wackness continued throughout the night. He misread the teleprompter A MILLI times and did the ultimate F*CK UP when he called Marvin Sapp WARREN SAPP!!!! Imma need for DL to not ever, eva eva eva host the BET Awards again- EVER!!!!!


Ne-yo showed up and showed out but he was a bit too Michael Jackson-ish to me!!! I told my friend "IF this nigga moonwalks, I'm going to fall the f*ck out!!!!" I will say he gave Usher a run for his money and Ne-Yo isn't even a dancer!!!! The chick in the photo with him was also his date (I guess because they were all hugged up in the audience). Al Green pretty much was the best performance of the night to me. Marvin Sapp did his thing too but I was hoping he did a little bit more than the "traditional" gospel performance. That song along was enough to make the show.

Lil Wayne shut it down (of course) and T-Pain's performance would've been HOT if he would've brought Plies out!!!!! Is it just me or does DJ Khaled need some ADD medicine?!?!?! He reminds me of my son after a bit too much candy!!!!!! And, lets take this moment to recognize Rick Ross coming out with his jacket open!!!!! WHEW WHEW WHEW!!!!!! A bish almost passed out!!!!!! Next time I need advance warning because my heart can't take too much more of that big ol chocolate M&M!!!!!!

Ciara shut down Chris Brown's boring ass performance.

She just didn't bring that same heat to the horrible STEPPED ON MY J's song. (On a side note, congrats to Ciara for signing a modeling with Wilhelmina and also venturing out to start a clothing line)

I'm trying to keep this short. There was so much bad that I can't pick and choose. Keyshia Cole's performance!! Help me understand why Keyshia had that 1996 prom roller wrap and power puff girl dress on?!?!?! Next time, KeyKey, don't make it THAT obvious that you are wearing a butt pad!!!!

And lil Kim should've just been sent home when she showed up on the red carpet looking like an Asian Anime character.

And when Rihanna out sings you at an awards show there is officially a PROBLEM!!!! I won't even talk about Neffie and Frankie attempting to read the teleprompter. Reading is so fundamental and the sad thing is I'm SURE they practiced!! HOLLA!!!!!

Alicia Keys left the awards and went to get a week's supply of Monistat 7. Her pants were so tight they almost gave ME a yeast infection. And, when she came up to accept her award, someone should've told her that her half-body black Spanx were showing!!!!

I need for Gabrielle Union to not EVER show up to present an awad with her hair looking like she got it done for 3rd grade picture day!!!! A part with a ponytail AND Shirley Temple Curls?!?!? GIRL STOP!!!!

T Boz T Boz T Boz....... how can you go 15 years without changing your hairstyle?!?!?!? And those horrid pants!!!!! Chilli is NOT your true friend because if she was, she would've tackled your ass backstage and revamped your outfit!!!!

And help me undertstand how Taj (SWV) is married to Eddie George (go Buckeyes) but she doesn't have access to a personal trainer to get rid of her booty-do?!?!?!

Jermaine Dupri wearing mixed-matched J's during the Nelly performance... TRY AGAIN LITTLE MAN!!!!!! Do us all a favor and step on that damn song. STOMP THAT BISH OUT because it's the worst!!!!

As i think of more things, I may post but, at this point, I need BET to do much MUCH better for the Hip-Hop Awards!!!

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virgovixxen said...

you are right on point..Rihanna looked really good but the girl cant sing that well- t boz sounded like awful to me
Al Green..AL GREEN still has it- he shut the place down to me. He had some of everybody up dancing and having a good ole time. I wish I was there just for that part and maxwell DID HIS THANG

Kisha P. said...

I'm over here crying at all your was so on point...I could scream. Al Green was the besttttt!!! BET what happen....more video vixen and flavor or love girls on the red carpet then singers and rappers. And can somebody tell me why Missy (best female hip-hop award) keep winning....that was lil mama award. Well I think it should had been.

Pinkie said...

LOL girl you know you are a mess... I logged on here IMMEDIATELY.. cause I know yo crazy azz had something to say...

I also have a few words:

1. "I'd like to give a shout out to the academy of the BET" - Al Green - He's a classic so I am going to leave him alone. He also had the best performance of the nite so I am going to excuse that comment....

2. I'm sorry even dating a big guy myself I don't know about Rick Ross's man boob.....


4. I loved the Alicia Keys performance... I just love Alicia keys period.. I especially was glad to see SWV, En Vogue & TLC... which brings me to my third point

5. Okay so I don't get TLC.. really... I mean does T Boz not have a stylist... she needs to head over to to get some advice... That was a mess... Those pants were a mess.. sorry T Boz was a disaster... and seriously.. Chilli needs a revamp too.. not that she looked bad.. she just looked like she would any other day.. that's how you look when you perform with Alicia Keys???????

5. Gabrielle Union -- I just don't know anymore.... I'll leave that alone....

6. Usher???? Yeah maybe he should just sing... Chris Brown has upstaged him a million times....

7. I have to say that I did like Keisha's all white outfit.. you know the one after that dress was ripped off.... What I was scared of was Neffie's boob falling out the dress... she should have had clear straps on because her boobs are too big to try to pull that look off..

Just my two cents!!!

great post Razzi!!

Anonymous said...

the usher performance was good. whoever thinks chris brown is better than him has clearly lost their mind. usher is the ultimate performer still. he's still the best singer by miles. his dancing is still smooth and he always delivers. usher has given us classics, chris brown has given us some easily forgetable club tracks. usher's too young to retire. usher and r kelly are still the top r&b male artists in my opinion, ne-yo is the best out of the new guys and cb, omarion etc have a long way to go.

adz said...

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