Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Sorry for the lack of posts yall but when "The Man" has your nuts in a noose and bloggin is simply hobby and not a full time gig- YALL KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!!!! I've been getting trained for the past 2 days and really re-questioning if this real job ish is really worth the lack of pay I receive each couple of weeks that I get my paycheck!!!!! It's hard to concentrate when all you can do in class is think of what else you SHOULD'VE done with your life!!!! Especially when the most basic information is Rocket Science to everyone else in the class except for me!!!!

Don't yall hate those folks who have a million and one questions but then they don't write down the answer so the next time the topic comes up they are asking those SAME F-ING QUESTIONS AGAIN!!!!!!??!?!?!? Or the one who continually SCREWS UP on their work but all of a sudden in training they know EVERYTHING about the job?!!!!?!?!? Well, if you know so much then why am I always correcting your work and staying late to fix your F-ups?!?!? Trust me, I could go on and on about these lames I work with (it's only 2 that really get under my skin, honestly) but I don't want to bore yall. So, enjoy this chick falling on the runway as I sit back and wish I could trip these 2 f-ckers that make my job feel like kindergarten!!!!!

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