Thursday, May 8, 2008

Whino Arrested for Drugs!!!! And We Are Surprised Because?!?!?!

Amy Whinehouse has been arrested and questioned in London over alledged drug use. The British star was questioned by East London police after a video tape of the star supposedly smoking crack-cocaine was given to British authorities. This is the 2nd time Whinehouse has been in trouble with the law in less than a month- she was accused of head-butting a man outside of a London bar on April 23rd and was released with just a warning after turning herself in to the police.

Whino was issued a $714 fine, which unknowingly made her plead guilty becuase paying a fine is the same thing as pleading guilty in London!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! Hope this doesn't affect her perfoming for Nelseon Mandela's 90th birthday bash in a couple months!!!

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