Thursday, May 15, 2008

What's Up With This Cadillac Purse?!?!?

What's up with this Cadillac Purse?!?!?! I had seen photos of Mizz Shyneka of Hot 107.9 rocking this last bag year at Body Tap and since then, this thing has been all over the place. HELP ME UNDERSTAND....PLEASE!!!! I've never been big on labels but, even if I was, you wouldn't see me rocking a d@mn Cadillac purse!!!!!!!!!!
As a matter of fact, I saw this purse on the sale rack at LVLX not too long ago and my home in LA saw folks selling them at the swap meet!!!! I guess I just don't get it and what else i won't be getting is that TIRED @SS POCKETBOOK!!!!!!......unless Rihanna or Beyonce is seen rocking one!!!! LMAO!!!!

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LaCLady said...

I love Big Body ol'skool Cadillacs....and nothing excites me more then being different then most chicks off your block or city not a follower so regardless of whom is rockin that purse I think its killah....and Cadillac also has many other bag styles for not only the chicks who actually drives Cadis but also for those who like to stand apart...Plz dont hate on the Cadillac bag. Because Cadillac will always be the sh*t...Car or Purse. Lacs Are simply classic.

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