Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We STILL Don't Believe You

Is Ashton Kutcher's show still on? The one where he punks gossip magazines and paparazzi? The reason I ask is because I think Ashton got 2 of the oddest people in Hollywood and told them "Hey, let's pull of the biggest prank in the world and have everyone believeing you guys got married!!!!!" And who else could shock the world but NICK AND MARIAH!!!!!! MAriah's got a new album and Nick is till recovering from his break-up with Selita (who got over Nick super fast and found herself an NFL player!!!). I won't believe this ish until they have a baby. It just doesn't make good sense. Mariah is lesbian and I thik Nick is too goofy to even date Mariah, let alone handle her diva antics!!!!!!!

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