Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Usher is Such A B*TCH DIVA!!!!

My homegirl LaShonda over at The E Biz has the scoop on Usher acting like a true B*TCH diva on the set of the Dancing with the Stars Finale. Read on:

Usher’s pre-taped, edited performance for the Dancing with the Stars finale may look seamless, but what happened behind the scenes at the singer’s May 13th, taping left host Tom Bergeron and company scratching their heads–and scrambling to set up for the live show.

First, the 29-year-old singer arrived late, throwing the entire production behind schedule. Then, while appearing to lip-synch two songs—"Yeah!" and "Love in This Club"—he fell out of step with his choreography, turning the wrong way once and losing his mic a second time. With each mistake he walked offstage.

"He was ridiculous," a source tells People Magazine "Such a diva."

Isn't DIVA the nice word for BISH!!!!!?!?!? Sounds to me like Usher has LOST IT!!!!!!! I wonder how many times he had to re-shoot that wack Ass routine at the end of the Love in this Club video?!?!? To view his perfromance, CLICK HERE.

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