Thursday, May 15, 2008

StyleRazzi Fashion Fix: HW "Mom" Jeans

High waist jeans have definitely done the d@mn thing these past few seasons. They have helped many folks, including myself, stuff that gut and lift that @ss to achieve the illusion of a perfect hour glass shape. Now, it looks like the super-tight high waist jeans are moving over and folks in Hollywood are trying their damned'est to start the "mom jeans" trend. Recently, Megan Good and Zoe Kravitz were both spotted rocking these fashion faux paux's. (Zoe must've grabbed some from her mom's Cosby Show closet and Megan must've went back to her Cousin Skeeter wardrobe trunk!!!)

The difference between high-waist jeans and "mom" jeans is that the "mom" jeans are very narrow at the top, usually containing elastic around the waistband, and are very wide around the hips!!!!! Both pants have the very high zipper but the mom jeans are usually ALOT less flattering!!!! They usually give you the illusion of a flat backside, with the super high back pockets not helping at all, and the elastic waistband will cut into your gut, rather than flatten it out!!!!

Wear this style with caution!!!!!! I can't say that I will NEVER rock these mom jeans, but I just won't be rocking them anytime soon!!!! Click here to see a funny SNL spoof about MOM JEANS!!!!

P.S. I also see the whole "cut your jeans and cuff them to make them into shorts" fad is also coming back in style.......

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