Monday, May 19, 2008

So the BIG story all over the blogs today is the alleged sex tape featuring Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter and some anonymous woman. I've seen the still shots over at Necole B (which is where I got the shot above) but I haven't watched the video. I can also believe it's safe to say that even the folks over at The Wendy Williams Experience are trying to do their detective work to see how the tape was leaked and figure out who may have leaked it.

Many people are saying that the tape looks old. Wendy knows her husband cheated in the past so could this possibly be a tape with Big Kev and the woman Wendy already knows about?!?!? Only Wendy herself would know for sure. I'm SURE, if she is like any normal woman, she knows when Big Kev got that shirt he is wearing above and, with that evidence, she can create her own personal timeline of when the video was made!!!!!

Personally, I think the whole situation with Nicole (Wendy's talent booker) was too much to handle and Wendy is looking for a way out ASAP!!!!! Could she have maybe leaked the video herself to divert attention away from Kev supposedly sexually harassing Nicole and use this new video as her reason to call it quits?!?!?!?! Who Knows!!! I definitely wouldn't put it past her. All I can say is I HOPE SHE MADE HIM SIGN A PRENUP!!!!!!! We all know who REALLY brings home the bread in that house.

Head over to DrewReports to see the entire video.

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