Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photos Of The Day: Murder Inc Reunion?!?!?

So what better way for a wack ass, non-existent label to celebrate their "reuinion" than to have it hosted by the 2 WACKEST personalities on TV right now- TERRANCE & WACK-SI of course, even though Rap City DJ Q-45 is running a real close 2nd place!!!!! Anyway, the so called "reunion" took place at Plumm in NYC Monday night.

Is it really able to officially be called a "reunion" when the only folks there to represent are the president of the label and an artist that couldn't push 3,000 units if they were being given away for free on every street corner in Manhattan!!!! Charli Baltimore and Irv Gotti were representing, I guess.

And yall know All The Parties is home of ALL THE "SHAMS"!!!!! (STANKIN HOT ASS MESSES). chick in the red gets a big HELL TO THE NO from me!!!!
And her friend gets an honorary Hell To The No for not telling her homegirl that she looked like a FOL reject!!!!

Next up on the Hell To The NO is this chick that looks like she got "BITF" (bust in the face). and I guess she didn't learn from Ashanti's sister Shia's cellulite overload that shirt dresses are definitely NOT for everyone.
If you ever want to feel good about eating 3 Krispy Kreme donuts, a footlong Subway sub, a bag of chips, and 3 chocolate cookies for lunch, head over to All The Parties and see folks who could deserve to get a free year pass to the gym more thanyou need one!!!!! (and YES that's what I ate for lunch today and I'm over here looking 6 months pregnant!!!!!)

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