Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Photo of the Day II: Chris Brown is WHIPPED!!!!

Damn, Chris. I mean, what REALLY GOOD with this look?!?!?! He looks a mess in this photo. He may want to keep his nose up out of Rhi Rhi's poonanny. It's really starting to wear on him. I'm really going to hate to see this break-up. Chris looks like he is GONE!!!!!! Chris may just need to do his own tour with Rihanna. I mean, he hasn't missed a tour stop yet. It's just crazy how one day he looks like her man servant and another day she is all over him in KFC!!!! Don't yall just love puppy love. Head on over to Sandra Rose to see Rihanna channeling Prince!!!

And, in other unrelated R&B news, for all of my Ne-Yo fans out there, his third album "Year of the Gentleman" has been pushed back and will now be released on August 5th. The album originally had been scheduled to be released on June 24th but has been pushed back due to a poor response to his song "Closer"!!!! (source) Also, Ne-yo has penned another hit song. This time for Usher. The new track "I Can't Win" is hot!!!! I'm actually very excited about Usher's new cd.

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