Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Photo of the Day 2: Flashback!!!

If yall even had any idea how much I used to LOVE Shazam!!!! WHEW!!!!!! I ganked this from Fresh and flashed back to my 7th grade year in high school when my best friend and I went to see H-Town at the Ohio State Fair. Let's just say they pulled 3 girls on stage and simulated performing "oral" on them while singing "Come on and let me lick you up" (yall remember that song?)!!! This was at THE FAIR and H-Town was BANNED from Columbus from that point on, and I don't think they have ever been back since. What's funny is I remember telling my friend "eewwww, I would never let a guy put his head between my legs!!!" MY MY HOW I'VE GROWN!!!!!!! :-)
Anyway, REST IN PEACE Dino and can someone PLEASE tell me why GI thought it was okay to rock a Calvin Klein shirt?!?!? He must've wanted to take it all the way back to the 90's with that one!!!!
And since we areon the subject of THROWBACKS, for all of my ATL folks, Dru Hill featuring Sisqo will be at the Civic Center on May 30th!!! Yes, the diva that is Sisqo's bish @ss needed to have his name added SEPERATE from the group!!!! BOY STOP!!!!! I remember being on the verge of SCREAMING when I met Dru Hill back when I was 16 ans got pulled backstage to take photos with them!!!! Funny how I wouldn't look twice at NONE OF THEM right now!!!! Take notes- CHRIS BROWN THIS IS YOUR FUTURE!!!

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