Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oprah Outs Mariah- The Wedding Was ALREADY PLANNED!!!!!!

Is the bullish EVER going to STOP?!?!?!? I'm so tired of MC + NC= WACK!!!!!! Now even talk show phenpm Oprah has gotten into the big fiasco!!!!!!!!! Here's what they are saying over at Superior News:

TV talk show queen OPRAH WINFREY has smashed through reports MARIAH CAREY's Bahamas wedding was a last-minute thing, by revealing the pop star already had her married name tattooed on her neck when she appeared on Oprah on April 14, o8 (over 2 weeks before the so called "surprise" wedding!!!)

Speaking on her show on yesterday, Oprah admitted she regrets not "making more" of the fact Nick Cannon was backstage with Mariah when the singer was promoting her new album, E=MC2.

Carey even introduced Winfrey to the actor/rapper who was to marry her on 30 April (08), but the talk show titan didn't think anything of the magical moment - or of her guest's new tattoo.

She said, "She'd done the tattoo on her back that said `Mrs. Cannon,' so they were already planning on doing it (getting married)."

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