Friday, May 23, 2008

Chirs & Rihanna Plan Duet and Kim K Preggers?!?!?!

From Panache Report (one of my FAVORITE sites in the world!!!!): R&B star Rihanna is planning a duet with her singer boyfriend Chris Brown. The pair has been dating since earlier this year-a romance they have yet to discuss in public, despite being spotted vacationing together and kissing and cuddling in a Miami, Florida fast food restaurant earlier this month. Now friends say the R&B duo are planning to record a track together-with some help from Rihanna's mentor Jay-Z. "Rihanna is impressed with Chris' voice. It was a natural step for her to say, 'Let's do a duet.' "She's asking Jay-Z to look around for a beat for the two of them, something sexy and snazzy."

Hopefully it will sound better than when Chris just went and added his vocals to the "Umbrella" remix singing "You can be my Cinderella- ella- ella..........". I still loathe that song to this day!!!!

In other Hollywood couple news reported on Panache Report, Kim K is allegedly preggers by Reggie Bush!!!!! (her fan club hasn't reported it yet so I will wait for them to confirm or deny). But, this may explain her lack of tight fit clothing when she hosted a party at Pure nightclub in Atlanta the other night, with Reggie Bush in tow. I wonder if anyone saw her sipping on some bubbly?!?!? Sandra Rose has the photos from the event.

I guess Kim's skirt wasn't too snug but that top is about to BUST OPEN!!!!!!! And we won't even begin to once again talk about how Mr. Bush has lost his swag!!!! I'm about to start watching the MLB!!!! These football and basketball players just don't do it for me anymore.

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Twana Tells said...

Yeah I have to agree Reggie has lost his swag big time, I was wondering if he was gonna show up with her after what fake money mayweather said. Reggie ain't hot he use to be the shit when he first hit the scene

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