Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mike Epps Not Quite Ready For Maury

Comedian and actor Mike Epps is not quite ready to here those life changing words "YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!!" A woman is claiming to have a child fathered by the star in December 2007. The unnamed woman filed a paternity suit in February.

While Epps was doing a show in Louisville Gardens in Kentucky last weekend, a man was waiting backstage to serve Epps with the paternity court papers. As he approached Epps to serve him with the papers, he alleges that Epps and his crewed served the man with a BEATDOWN!!!!! He supposedly suffered an abrasion to the right side of his head and his left eye was left swollen shut!!!!

Instead of beating the man up, Epps maybe should've considered STRAPPING UP before his beat that woman's P*ssy up!!!!! Just a thought. It's not a game, yall. STD's and babies are not joke. WRAP IT UP!!!! Women, they make condoms for us too so there is NO EXCUSE!

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