Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ludacris Honored at Alma Mater

From AJC:Chris Bridges aka Ludacris, who was once banned from his alma mater, now has a gymnasium named for him and shares space on a mural which also features the school's namesake, Benjamin Banneker. Four years ago a previous administration told Bridges he was not welcome on school grounds because of the disruption his visits caused. A wall grew between Bridges and the school, and he vowed never to return.

Bridges heard about a mock funeral students staged in February to symbolically put problems in their past firmly behind them. Inspired by their determination, Bridges returned to the College Park school to plant a tree and to offer words of encouragement to the school's 1,600 students. He spoke especially to the Men of Destiny program, a group of 300 teenage boys who are being mentored by male faculty members. Bridges' presence on the school campus was a big deal, not only for students but also for administrators and former teachers.

"But this thing has come 180 degrees, and now you are always welcome," principal Robert Williams said. He hopes the school can form a new relationship with Bridges that will be beneficial to the students.

After the assembly, Bridges and the Men of Destiny gathered on the front lawn to plant the tree, a symbol of the future.

Congrats to Ludacris!!!!!! He is definitely one of those artists that has taken his celebrity and is always doing something very positive!!!!

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