Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It Pays To Be A Diddy J/O

Diddy is becoming a film-maker and guess who he wants to maybe star in his first movie?!?!?! His jumpoff Sienna Miller!!!!!!!!! It's obvious that if you are a Diddy J/O, you get some sweet benefits. Look at Cassie's non-singing @ss........ Read n more from Drew Reports:

Diddy aka The Devil has been so inspired by this year’s (08) Cannes Film Festival, he is now writing his own big-screen project.

The hip-hop star has previously expressed an interest in pursuing a career in Hollywood, and has even made acting appearances in films such as Monster’s Ball and Made. But now the rap mogul, who made his first trip to the French event this month (May08), is desperate to prove he also has what it takes to become a filmmaker.

And he has already compiled his shortlist of leading stars.
He says, "I’m writing a film, a comedy. For actresses (who could be cast), I’m thinking Angelina Jolie or Sienna Miller. For actors, Eddie Murphy."

1 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

Cafe Fidel said...

Ha ha. You read my mind when I saw him say he would cast Sienna Miller.

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