Friday, May 9, 2008

MC + NC= WACK Part 3

I guess everyday from now until they finally announce it's a SHAM we will be hearing things about MC + NC= WACK!!! The newest installment in the "I'm pushing 40 so I need to marry the first man that proposes even if he is the definition of wackness" Mariah and Nick wedding is the way Nick proposed.

Ladies, how else would a corny dude pop the question that with a RING POP!!!!! That's right, yall. According to Superior News, Nick gave Mariah a Ring Pop Candy but, instead of the actual rong pop being in the bag, he place a 17- carat pink diamond in there and tied it up with ribbon. On the count of 3 yall.......1.......2......3..... AWWWWWW!!!!!! ISN'T THAT PRESCIOUS!!!!! This alledgedly took place on the top of Mariah's roof in New York while the pair were gazing at the Empire State building, which had been lit ip pink and purple to mark the release of Mariah's new cd. I wonder if this was BEFORE they got their tattoos?

Nick has been confused about love ever since he broke it off with Christina Milian. And, am I the only one that thinks Christina's new boo Dre is FINE AS HELL!!!!!!! Definitely an upgrade!!! And Ashton may have really pulled this one off big time!!!!! But word on my comment streets is that Nick Cannon got paid big time for this one and Mariah and Brat are still lickin low!!!!

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