Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dipset Associate Featured on America's Most Wanted

Per Superior News: An associate of rap troupe THE DIPLOMATS made an unwanted TV appearance in America over the weekend when he was featured on crime show AMERICA'S MOST WANTED.

Carlos Thompson, 32, is wanted by authorities in New York for his alleged involvement in the murder of a Harlem teenager. The bodyguard and crew member is accused of giving 13-year-old L'Mani Delima a gun and ordering him to shoot fellow teen Phoenix Garrett, for selling The Diplomats CDs illegally.

Delima reportedly shot Garrett five times in what New York police officials are calling a "contract hit." A nationwide manhunt is now underway for Thompson, following the alert on America's Most Wanted on Saturday. The dead teen's father, James Garrett, appeared on the TV show, revealing he has been left broken hearted by his son's death. Delima has already been convicted of Garrett's murder and will be sentenced next month.

What's crazy is I haven't watched America's Most Wanted in I don't know how many years but I tuned in on Saturday night- due to learning that someone I know (not Carlos Thompson) was featured on their website and would possibly be featured on the show!!! Sad sad story but I am definitely hooked to this show now!!!! AMW is definitely NOT the place to make your "star tv appearance"!!!! Much love to the homie facing 147 years.................... It's crazy how police/website will portray people "armed and extremely dangerous" but you know in your heart that they are the coolest folks in the world?!!??!!?!? Go figure

2 Stylish Folk With Something To Say:

michelle said...

ugh, what a thug. He needs to get it together

Nykya said...

This reminded me of when I woke up one Saturday morn to see that this guy grew up with had his mug flashed across the screen and was wanted for rape!!! My mom use to work nites so he would come downstairs and keep me company. Not too fast, too grown company just like popping some Jiffy Pop and watchin HBO. We were alone LOTS of times. I still can't beleive it.

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