Monday, May 5, 2008

Dallas Austin Fires His ENTIRE Staff, including Family?!?!?

Juan Farmer, guest, and Dallas Austin (photo source Necole Bitchie)

According to the homie Drew over at, Dallas Austin has laid of his entire Rowdy Records staff!!!!! Read on:

Well according to a source close to the situation, Dallas Austin has laid off his entire Rowdy staff! Even one of his family members is heading to the unemployment line (and they are not happy!) according to a source who revealed this tidbit to recently. Story Developing...

I don't know how many family members Dallas employs but the first one that jumps to my mind is Juan Farmer, Dallas' nephew and damn near twin (pictured above with the "F" on his hat)!!!! And I don't know Dallas'/ Rowdy Records current financial status but I do know Dallas just completed filming a new movie here in the ATL called "8 Daze A Weak", or something crazy like that. I can't remember the exact name of the flick but I know someone who worked very closely with the film's production!!! I hope they got their money COD!!!!!!!

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